Wear who you are.
Live what you believe.

GO(O)D Company stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will encourage, support and build you up on your road to success. With it’s unique logo, it’s a word that can be viewed two different ways. The second “O” in “GO(O)D” is in parentheses, making it applicable or non-applicable. So, it not only says “GOOD”, but it also says, “GOD”. Our motto is simple, “Keep GO(O)D Company”. A lot of us are here today because we kept “GOOD” company and whether we knew it or not, we kept “GOD” company.

Our slogan and desire is to encourage individuals to “wear who you are and live what you believe”. If you believe that you are GO(O)D Company, wear it!

Celebs Keeping GO(O)D Company

Erica Campbell
Kel Mitchell
Josh Harrison
Michael Lorenzen
Cedric Peerman
Vinny Rey

GO(O)D Friends

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